About Us

Bob Walker-Walker Strategic Group

Bob R. Walker CLU, RHU, FLMI

From his second month as an insurance sales agent, Bob Walker was a leading sales person for his company’s sales team. He has since been recognized many times as a leading agent and as a leading agency manager. Upon becoming a trainer for a leading health insurer, his emphasis on connecting sales and service resulted in increased agent retention and average renewal income.

Why Good Agents Fail
As a leading agent and Agency Manager, Bob wondered why so many good sales agents failed to make the kind of money they needed in order to stay in the insurance business. He noticed that in many agencies and companies, sales and service were treated as separate functions, resulting in some leading agents losing customers to lapses within only a few months of the sale. At the least this meant the agent was constantly having to replace lost cases (and lost renewal income) with new sales. Agents with advance commission balances were forced out of the business by the high number of lapses that essentially meant commissions from new sales were going to pay debit balances on unearned commissions from lapsed policies.

We Train Your Team for Success!
Having always had very high retention of policyholders and clients, Bob examined how his client interaction differed from those with high lapses. His discovery led to the creation of The Walker Strategic Group, a Professional Training “agency for agencies”.
WSG’s success comes from training new agents from start to pro with a focus on creating clients, not just customers. We walk agents through pre-license training as well as track their CEU completion for license renewals. Our high agent retention is a result of our focus on integrating WoW! Customer Service into the sales process, and reinforcing the agent touch to retain happy clients and create referrals.

The Partnership of Sales and Service
At WSG we focus on the relationship between sales and service. Sales is Service and Service is Sales. They are necessarily connected. Better service means more sales. Even in companies where agents do not have ongoing contact with clients, there are ways they can set the stage and create the environment for excellent service when a client calls. Likewise, Customer Service teams can enhance the sales experience and provide the ‘glue’ that keeps a client happily referring new prospects.

Our Focus Protects Your Profit!
With increased regulatory scrutiny on financial services and insurance sales, can you afford not to invest in quality training for your agents and Customer Service staff? Regulators often hold agency principals and carriers responsible for errors of agents; the quality of customer service can impact a Medicare Advantage sponsor’s annual star rating. We can take your sales staff – field sales or call center sales – through all the necessary certification for licensing, Medicare sales, AHIP (required for Medicare Advantage and PDP sales), and certification for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace they will need if they enroll clients in the Affordable Health Care exchange. Using real life examples, we will demonstrate quality soft skills training so more of your clients will be saying “Wow! That was great service!”

Let Us Train Your Sales & Service Staff!
Prepare for the next enrollment season and enhance your agency or company reputation for quality customer service by inviting Walker Strategic Group to certify your agents and train your customer service team. Contact us for more information.